Racing for Diamonds (Orca Young Readers) by Anita Daher

Racing for Diamonds (Orca Young Readers)
Anita Daher
Orca Book Publishers (2007)
ISBN 9781551436753
Reviewed by Anne Marie Medema (age 12) for Reader Views (4/08)


Anita Daher cleverly weaves a story of intrigue, filled with danger and excitement.  In the book “Racing for Diamonds,” Daher writes a story with a theme and location she is familiar with.  With descriptive vocabulary and flowing phrases, Daher makes the story come alive in the mind of the reader.  Daher wrote in a way that causes the reader to anxiously turn each page to the end.

“Racing for Diamonds” begins with our main character Jaz participating in a first-aid course.  Jaz is training to compete in a dog sled race in Canada.  In the race Jaz is paired with Colly, a master corporal.  She and Colly start out in first place in the dog-sled race and go through several checkpoints still in the lead.  Soon they meet up with Gunther, a diamond mine cleaner.  Gunther pulls the dog team of Jaz and Colly aside.  Gunther says he left town abruptly because his little boy named Luka was kidnapped by a Russian who wants all the diamonds.  The three of them meet up with the Russian and Luka.  It would be a fight, but fortunately the JCR Rangers approach in a helicopter looking for Jaz and Colly.  The JCR Rangers rescue Gunther and Luka.  The Russian is sent to prison.  Colly and Jaz do not win the dog-sled race.  But they do win Medals of Honor for rescuing Gunther and Luka.  Jaz and Colly are highly praised and commended for their bravery by the JCR Rangers.

I recommend “Racing for Diamonds” by Anita Daher.  It is a story targeted for young readers who enjoy adventure and action.   I enjoyed the setting of this story as it takes place in a part of North America I have never visited before.  Also, it enlightened me about what it is like to participate in a dog-sled race.    I liked how the author packed so much adventure into a small easy-read novel.  Hitch yourself into “Racing for Diamonds,” by Anita Daher, and get swept away into a snow-packed adventure.


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