Crushworthy (Those Girls) by Sara Lawrence

Crushworthy (Those Girls)
Sara Lawrence
Razorbill (2008)
ISBN 9781595141736
Reviewed by Avni Gupta (age 15) for Reader Views (10/08)

When I first got the book “Crushworthy,” I was really excited about reading it seeing as this book is set in England and I love English things. This book, however, did not live up to my expectations. Even the fact that it was English could not save it.

It starts out with the main character, Jinx, going to a New Year’s Eve party at her brother’s friend Jaime’s house. There she gets immensely drunk and ends up falling down a staircase and straight into Jamie’s arms. This starts her crush on him, hence the title, “Crushworthy.”

After this, Jinx goes back to her boarding school. There she is reunited with her best friends. There, a surprise awaits them; the Russian triplets are back with their new bodyguard. Once over that shock, the term starts out for them on a great foot. Once Jinx tells all of her friends about her new crush, they all get extremely excited, since Jamie’s second house is five minutes away from their school.

After this, the book starts going even more downhill. The author portrays 18-year-old girls to only have one thing on their minds — boys. Another thing that bothered me about this book was the fact that all of the characters in it were immensely rich and spent money on the most frivolous things. There also wasn’t even one person who remotely resembled all of the 18-year-olds that I know. There also was the fact that some of the people had amazingly odd names. For instance, Jinx. Why would you name you daughter that when the word jinx means a curse?

One good thing about this book was the fact that it was as short as it was. This made it a little easier for me to tolerate.  It was the perfect amount of pages so that it did not get too overbearingly boring.

I do not think that I would recommend this book to very many people, but if you think that this kind of book floats your boat, then go ahead and read it. If you like this type of book, “Crushworthy” by Sara Lawrence will probably seem like an amazing book.

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