“If You Were Me and Lived in…Renaissance Italy” by Carole P. Roman


Carole P. Roman
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781523234271
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“If You Were Me and Lived in… Renaissance Italy” by Carole P. Roman will take you back five hundred years ago, to Tuscany (Tus-ca-nee) outside of Florence, governed by the Medicis (me-di-cheez), a rich and very powerful family. People would work on the lands that belonged to the local ruler.

It was a dangerous time, and only some children went to school. A change was happening and it was hard to go from the Middle Age to what they called Renaissance that in French means rebirth.

Everything changed, a new class of people came, making a lot of money and they started to build beautiful houses. Artiest were hired to paint in a new way. The Medici’s used their money for paintings, sculptures, and buildings, changing the architecture.

Imagine living in the city that was called “The Athens of the Middle Age” and have in your home a fresco (fres-ko) painting on the wall. Your brother having a tutor and then going to private school, also a tutor for girls to teach all about house, art, dancing, and needlepoint.

“If You Were Me and Lived in … Renaissance Italy” by Carole P. Roman will teach you so many details that you will want to visit this beautiful place. I love the illustrations and the list of all the famous people that were part of this change called Renaissance.

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“The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses” by K.N. Smith


K.N. Smith
Two Petals Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9780989474757
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views (12/16)

The five senses, everything we need and desire in our lives and now as an intriguing story! In “The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses” by K.N. Smith, the author’s main plot is following the lives of five people when their senses are heightened after being changed by a mysterious source.

The author was very successful in carrying out the purpose of the publication. The writing style is very similar to books such as the The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

The writer uses imagery and a writing style that pulls you in to want more and keep on reading—I definitely couldn’t put this book down. It is slow in getting the point across and seems as if it is dragging throughout the whole novel. The characters were really well thought out as well as the storyline, and I think that’s what pulled me in as well as the impeccable writing style.

The book is geared toward 13-15 year-olds who generally enjoy adventure, books like The Hunger Games and suspense with a hint of mystery. I felt as if the book was under advanced for my age group, so that’s why I put a “range” for what I think is the target audience. I personally enjoyed the mysterious and adventurous aspects of this novel as it brought back very good memories when I first started reading books.

I really enjoyed “The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses” by K.N. Smith and would love to possibly read more of her books!

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“If You Were Me and Lived in…Italy” by Carole P. Roman


Carole P. Roman
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781519241412
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“If You Were Me and Lived in… Italy” by Carole P. Roman, is about a country located in the southern part of Europe, also called lo Stivale (lo stee-val-e) or “the boot” because the country has the shape of one. The Capital city is Rome (Ro-m-a) which was founded in the year 753 BC and that is the only city that has another country inside it, The Catholic (Cath-o-lic), and its capital Vatican City. Also in Rome, you will see the Coliseum (Col-es-see-yum) an ancient theater built of stone and concrete, being the largest Amphitheatre in the world.

It is also a book that will teach you some of the basic Italian words like Gelato, formaggio, pane, Nonna, etc., as well as some cultural festivities, and the way Italians celebrate and their food.

It shows some activities with the families as they get together to enjoy the weekend, like going to see grandparents on Sundays and watching football.

I enjoyed “If You Were Me and Lived in… Italy” by Carole P. Roman very much and liked the pronunciation guide.

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“A Dog Named Cat” by Anne Toole

adognamedcatA DOG NAMED CAT

Anne Toole
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478773399
Reviewed by Rose Whitacre (age 6) for Reader Views

“A Dog Named Cat” by Anne Toole is a book that any kid would enjoy reading. It’s about a dog named Cat by the baby in his family. He discovers through his animal friends that cats aren’t animals he wants to be like. He didn’t like to chase things like birds, mice and fish, and he didn’t meow like a cat, so he didn’t want to be named Cat. He didn’t like his name because he wasn’t a cat. When he finally met a real cat and learned about cats, he said, “I have learned that a cat is not very nice. It likes to get fish and it is always chasing birds and mice. That doesn’t seem right to me. A cat should just let them be. I don’t like cats, and that’s that!”

He tried barking at everyone to get them to change his name, but that didn’t work. When people called his name, he wouldn’t come.  That didn’t work either.  Something finally happened to get the family to change his name, but you have to read the book to find out!

It was funny at first that the dog’s name was Cat, but later on he took it more seriously and didn’t like his name. I understand what Cat was trying to do because sometimes the same thing happens to me. People don’t always understand me, so I have to figure out another way to let them know what I’m trying to say. I also like how Cat kept trying and didn’t give up. He loved his family even though he didn’t like the name they gave him. I’m glad I like the name my parents gave me.

I liked that Cat was able to change his name. I think other kids my age would like “A Dog Named Cat” by Anne Toole, especially if they like animals. I like how it rhymes – it makes it fun to read. The pictures in this book are bright, colorful, and interesting. They look like cartoons. The dog named Cat is really cute.

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“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P. Roman


Carole P. Roman
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781530243372
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P. Roman, invites you to fly far where only a rocket can take you, showing and exploring the skies with all it has. You will wonder from above how small everything is down on Earth, how close and friendly our constellations look and how bright the stars are, shining and lighting the way on the trip to all the planets.

I like that it not only is a fun journey to the skies but also teaches about the planets. I am sure more than one pirate will love to ride this rocket and have very close look at what it is untouchable.

I love the rhyming and the beautiful illustrations. Her poem will open the imagination to all kids on a wonderful journey to far away wonders.

“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P. Roman is a great book!

A Note from Paola’s Mom:

As usual, Paola loves Carole Roman’s stories. This one is quite special because we both love the mystery of the skies, and how beautiful and far our imagination will take to us–into our deepest sleep.

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“A Trip to Remember” by Michele Spry

atriptorememberA TRIP TO REMEMBER

Michele Spry
Spry Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9780988778269
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (02/17)

“A Trip to Remember” by Michele Spry is about a boy named Jaxon. It was the last day of school for Jaxon and he was already excited about almost being a fifth grader. And because summer was right around the corner, he was happy for all the plans he had.

Jaxon would always help his dad with their business and this time they were going on a trip to Boston. One night at dinnertime, his dad received a phone call and was told that the neighbor, Mr. Pete, who lived by himself, fell and broke his hip and they needed some help go check on him daily. Jaxon thought about his trip that probably they would have had to change for some other time and that is what happened for sure because they had to help Mr. Pete.

At the end of one working day with his dad Jaxon read a flyer, asking, “Do you know a veteran?” and it grabbed his attention, and it had a website to visit. That evening he told his mom to help him find some information about The Hero Tour. It was only a matter of time when they knew more about it.

Jaxon is a great boy with a huge heart and his family work for a great cause. It is a very nice story in which you will learn a lot more of Veterans to honor and respect them for their service and sacrifice as much as we honor our parents. I really liked this story and it was a good learning book about helping other people and learning more about Veterans.

A Note from Paola’s Mom:

“A Trip to Remember” by Michele Spry is an excellent and powerful story that teaches the reader more about a veteran’s life and how we can appreciate and honor those men and women who served our country.

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“If You Were Me and Lived in…Elizabethan England” by Carole P. Roman


Carole P. Roman
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781523229369
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“If you Were Me and Lived in…Elizabethan England” by Carole P. Roman, takes place in London in the year 1600. This time was called the Elizabethan Age in history because it took place when Elizabeth I was the queen. If you lived in this time, you would have been going through a lot of changes that helped the country to become a superpower. They were many people who got rich and many others had to work hard to survive. Artists and poets were paid to paint and write literature and poetry. You would have lived in a city that only had a bridge. The streets were narrow and the trash was thrown out the window. There was no light so imagine horses, trash, and no lights. Also, you would eat twice a day, and you could only eat meat on Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the days would be fish to support the fish industry. Sugar was very expensive because it was imported, so you would sweeten with honey or with fruits.

Your brothers would wear dresses like you until they were old enough to wear pants and there was a law that you could only use some colors. You would wear several layers and heavy socks all year long. Girls would stay home learning manners and praying, and boys would go to school if they were the oldest.

“If You Were Me and Lived in…Elizabethan England” by Carole P. Roman was another good reading experience for me. I enjoyed learning about this period in history.

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