“My Little Angel” by Sherrill S. Cannon


Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC (2017)
ISBN 9781681819471
Reviewed by Willow Cramer (Age 7) for Reader Views Kids (7/17)

“My Little Angel” by Sherrill S. Cannon is about a little angel who is always on a girl’s shoulder. At night she sleeps on the girl’s head. The angel cared for the little girl too.

What I liked most about this story is that there’s always an angel beside the little girl. I liked that there were no bad guys in the book, and that it was easy to read.

I really liked the art and one day I know I can draw this well. My favorite is the page when she’s in the car because her head is bigger than her body. It makes me laugh.

There was nothing in the book I didn’t like, but it was too easy for me to read and I have other books that are similar. I would recommend this book to younger kids like my brother because it’s not for kids my age. It’s too easy for me to read.

Like the girl in this book, I feel I have an angel with me too who gives me good ideas. I feel like Jesus gave her to me.

Dad’s Comments

This is a book that my daughter did not have a lot to say about because it was a very simple-to-read book. This is a book that she does read on occasion. Even after completing her review and despite her comments about being easy to read, I feel she really enjoys reading it.

I like when books end with questions and activities. In this book, I didn’t notice them at first (since they come after the acknowledgements section), but now that I see them, I’m glad they are there. The author hid her other book covers throughout the book, so there’s a “Where’s Waldo” like mini-game. Additionally, she offers “What” and “Now What?” questions about the book and ends with questions the reader can use to apply some of the important concepts from the book (wearing a seatbelt, staying close to a parent, pet ownership, etc.).

It is nice, too, that 50% of the cost of the author’s books is used to help find a cure for Juvenile Myositis, an incurable autoimmune disease. I’d never even heard of this before reviewing this book with my daughter, so I’m glad to have had the opportunity to learn about this through the author’s efforts.

Overall, I recommend “My Little Angel” by Sherrill S. Cannon as a good book with a good lesson.

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“Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes


Marianne Berkes
Dawn Publications (2017)
ISBN 9781584695936
Reviewed by Rose Whitacre (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (07/17)

“Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes is a great book about many different animals and the ways they carry their babies. The author’s purpose was to show how animals carry their young, and to help kids understand how humans aren’t the only ones who take care of their babies. Humans are animals, too, and it’s important to learn about the ways other animals do things.  I learned a lot through reading this book and really enjoyed it.

I like how it has rhyming and how after each animal poem there is some more information about that animal. At the end of the book, there are some suggestions of fun activities and things you can do.  There is a guessing game where one person reads just the poem and the other person has to guess which animal the poem is talking about. I really like reading it this way – I tried reading it with my little sister like this and it was lots of fun. It is also a good way to test yourself and see if you have really learned the facts about the animals.

“Baby on Board” has great information about lots of animals you wouldn’t necessarily find in lots of other books.  The animals are kangaroos, sea otters, sloths, opossums, manatees, chimpanzees, common loons, alligators, wolf spiders, emperor penguins, anteaters, lions, and humans. My favorite animal was the wolf spider because the picture is really fun and I like the poem in that one.

When I was a baby, my mommy and daddy carried me in a baby carrier.  I have seen them carry my little sister and brother, and we will have another baby sister soon that maybe I will get to help carry sometimes. It’s neat to think about all the different ways that other animals carry their babies around.

I think that other children with a new baby brother or sister whose mommy is carrying them around would be interested in “Baby on Board: How Animals Carry Their Young” by Marianne Berkes.  Also, kids who just like animals and kids who like carrying around baby dolls and would like to learn how other animals do that would really like this book and would enjoy reading it. The pictures are great; they seem really real and lifelike. It is a fun book to read by yourself and with other people!

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“Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook


Geoffrey Cook
Violet Moon LLC (2017)
ISBN 9780692892008
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (07/17)

In “Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook, you will enjoy a handful of experiences that will blow your imagination as you go through their journey to “Mount Mystery.”

Veronica is a normal ten-year-old girl who lives with her mom, dad, and sister Elyse, in a volcano close to Crater Lake. I liked that she has brown hair, like mine. She loves to wear pearls every day, even to bed, because her middle name is Pearl. She has a good friend named Maddy.

It was her mom’s birthday and Veronica wanted to get her some volcano pearls. She went to the only jewelry store around and an old man helped her. I thought he was a weird and scary person and a little funny in the things he said. No luck with him in having the pearls, but he did tell Veronica where she might be able to find them.

Meet Veronica and her parents and Lucky and Maddy, as they go through this exciting adventure, and discover with them all the surprises they found and the fun they had.

I loved “Veronica and the Volcano” very much. I liked all the fun things they do to live in a volcano.  They had so many exciting adventures – Babeltown, Minnehaha, the pirates, and so much more.  It was fun to learn new things about the earth with Veronica and the rest as they searched for the pearls. Join them and discover if they found what they were looking for.

I recommend this book to kids my age. I think that girls will really love this story, but anyone that loves volcanoes will also enjoy it. “Veronica and the Volcano” is a story full of everything – family, friendship, courage, and exciting adventures.  And the illustrations are great!

A note from mom:

“Veronica and the Volcano” by Geoffrey Cook is an excellent story that Paola could not stop reading. Her imagination was always active. I found the glossary on scientific terms very informative, and I personally loved the fact that the author wrote it based on the stories he told his girls on their 25 minute ride to school.

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“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley


Pamela Hartley
CreateSpace (2017)
ISBN 9781542385831
Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (7/17)

“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley is a book about 13-year-old Izzy, who chased a Giant she thought was eating her family’s cows. She followed him into the siloport and was teleported into the land of the Giants. Her people, the Groundlings, thought all the Giants were blood-thirsty pillagers and child-gobblers, so she was terrified when she realized what had occurred. Would she be eaten like all the other children that disappeared before her? Would she ever get home?

My favorite character was the Temperate Giant Boone. Boone admitted to stealing cows and belongings from the Groundlings, but his reasons for doing so were not at all what the Groundlings thought. He didn’t always know how the stolen items should be used. For example, he used a toilet bowl as a mixing bowl for chocolate brownies and other food! Boone always wanted to do right, so it was a good thing that he was the first Giant that Izzy met. Not all Giants were like Boone!

While Izzy was trying to figure out how to get home, her parents alerted the government about her kidnapping. Unfortunately, they alerted the wrong people. Dynamite-loving Colonel Fletcher was deathly afraid of Giants and far more concerned about making sure that no more Giants could get to their world than he was about saving one little girl.

This book had a pretty strong message, “Never give up, never give in!” Izzy was pretty tough but also scared, so she frequently had to remind herself to not give up or give in.

Parts of the book were a hard to read because the Giants’ speech pattern was a little confusing, but overall, “The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley was a fun, entertaining read that I would recommend to people who like fantasy. I think this book would be best for kids aged about eight to twelve years old.

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“Dregs Island” by Dr. Bon Blossman and Zakk Myer


Dr. Bon Blossman and Zakk Myer
CreateSpace (2017)
ISBN 9780996524834
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 15) for Reader Views (7/17)

“Dregs Island” by Dr. Bon Blossman and Zakk Myer is about seventeen-year-old Alex Cardin who, while driving home one day, witnesses a fatal hit and run. Trying to be a Good Samaritan, Alex immediately calls the police with the license plate of the offending car. You can imagine his shock when he is the one arrested. The year is 2032, six years after President Gray’s Prison Reform act which allows for expedited trials and alters the prison system so that all felons are deported to prison islands. Alex Cardin quickly finds himself an innocent victim of the Prison Reform Act. His trial for the hit and run proceeds without time to even find a lawyer. False witness testimony is presented against him and he suddenly finds himself guilty of murder, sentenced to life imprisonment on Dregs Island.  Deposited on Dregs Island, Alex finds himself struggling to survive in its harsh environment of toxic animals and violent inhabitants. Will Alex be able to find allies and survive against those who wish to harm him? Read and find out!

My favorite character is Mia. When Alex is first stranded on the island, Mia quickly picks him out as innocent.  That is, imprisoned without cause, and attempts to assist him however possible.  She is one of the most believable characters and provides insight into the how the island works.

If you enjoy a good dystopia, this is the book for you. From a corrupted justice system and government, to brutal punishment methods, this book portrays a perfectly dismal future.  The characters are all original and very dynamic, often because they are psychotic! However, it sometimes feels like Alex Cardin is adapting too quickly. Alex goes from being a kid on a dangerous island to a powerful player in the island’s politics in only a few weeks.  These rapidly changing characters sometimes made book confusing and unbelievable, but did not take away from the entertainment.

All said, “Dregs Island” by Dr. Bon Blossman and Zakk Myer was a very enjoyable read and I hope to see more books in this series!

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“The Adventures of Willy Nilly and Thumper: Stella Star” by Jim Henry and Jimmy Patterson


Jim Henry & Jimmy Patterson
Willy Nilly Stories LLC (2016)
ISBN 9781939368065
Reviewed by Willow Cramer (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (6/17)

“The Adventures of Willy Nilly and Thumper: Stella Star,” by Jim Henry and Jimmy Patterson is about Willy Nilly and Thumper helping Stella Star get back to her stars. When Thumper asked to see a star, Stella answered his wish and came to visit. These big bad guys steal Stella’s star dust so she can’t get home. But Willy Nilly, Thumper, and Stella go after the bad guys and get the stardust back by scaring them. Then they get attacked by Wanda the Wicked Witch! Oh no! Wanda tries to kill them by blowing up their airplane, but they beat her because Stella sprinkled her stardust on both of her wings and Wanda’s fire flies back and hits her! She screams, “You haven’t seen the last of Wanddddddddda!” When they beat her, Stella can go back to the sky!

What I liked most about this book is that Stella Star goes back to the stars so ships can use her to go back to their countries or other countries. I also liked seeing Willy Nilly, Thumper, and Stella’s friendship, and that they were very good creator’s of the plane.

The end of the book where it told about the constellations was interesting. My favorite was the rabbit.  The drawings are another favorite part of the book. I thought Stella was pretty.

I didn’t like when the witch attacked Stella and Willy Nilly and Thumper, or when the bad guys stole Stella’s stardust.

I would recommend “The Adventures of Willy Nilly and Thumper: Stella Star,” by Jim Henry and Jimmy Patterson to everybody because I like this book a lot and I think you will too.

Dad’s Comments

My daughter seemed to really like each section of this book, especially the story. She also was very interested in the section on constellations and meteorites. She seemed a little bored with the story about the history of airplanes, though I thought this whole section was great. I wish more books would include lessons like these.

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“Sammy and The Headless Horseman” by Rona Arato


Rona Arato
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
ISBN 9781554552696
Reviewed by Jordan Willis (age 16) for Reader Reviews (6/17)

“Sammy and the Headless Horseman” by Rona Arato is a youth book about an eleven-year-old boy from Poland named Sammy, and his adventures at the Pine Grove hotel in the Catskill Mountains of New York. While Sammy is there, he befriends Adam, a fellow employee at the hotel. Sammy learns of the local ghost stories and decides to investigate. After hearing the mysterious hermit’s complaints and seeing the Headless Horseman with his own eyes, he decides to help the hermit by investigating. Together, Sammy and Adam piece together clues and work to solve the mystery.

This entertaining youth detective story really captivated me. Sammy’s task to solve the mystery kept me on my toes. I personally love the Headless Horseman legend, and I believe that the author, Rona Arato, did an excellent job at representing Washington Irving’s classic novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

The chilling atmosphere of this book is in keeping with the ghost story genre, and the author’s imagery compelled me to continue reading. I liked the fact that Arato included the Yiddish language and various aspects of the Jewish culture. When the author described Sammy’s background and the things he went through, she did an excellent job at giving me a mental image and sense of what Sammy was feeling at the time. This made it easy to understand and sympathize with Sammy’s thoughts and emotions.

I found the diverse personalities of the characters very intriguing, as well as the characters’ accurate behaviors for the time period, including their perspectives. There were not many things that I didn’t like about this book, however, I felt the comedy scenes were a bit cheesy and there were so many of them that they lost their effectiveness.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading “Sammy and the Headless Horseman.” Rona Arato did an excellent job at writing this book at the appropriate reading level for the target audience. This book is perfect for light readers because the plot isn’t too complicated and it is easy to follow. Although I am sixteen, I do believe that this book would appeal to 12-14 year olds and would highly recommend it to young readers.

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